Maya Farber Brodsky

A new place to write

Written on August 8th, 2020

On the meaning of my work, and why I've decided to start writing.

I've been thinking lately about the meaning of my work — the things I learn, the code I write, and the problems I solve. A small fraction of these things conclude with tangible results, finished projects, or well-taken notes. But the majority of these things, however fascinating they are to work on and think about, have no concrete results apart from memories and connections formed in my brain.

Yes, I am referring to pieces of code that never turn into finished projects, attempts at solving particularly challenging problems, and beautiful connections I find between different areas of interest. These are valuable things, and take up a lot of my time, but don't have a definite end product.

This is, of course, not ideal:

  • First, I quite often forget about the things I learn implicitly — the things I don't take explicit notes on, but nevertheless can prove valuable in the future.
  • Second, and perhaps more critically — even the things I do remember stay in my mind, private and hidden from the rest of the world. Nobody else can benefit from my learnings and experiences.

So, this is why I've decided to create this place. It's my attempt at refining my own thoughts and sharing them with the rest of the world — with you, reading this. I'm reluctant to call it a blog, because it's going to be quite experimentative. It's more of a documentation of my mind, of my unique perspective of the world. This is where I'll write about new things I learn, interesting solutions I find to technical problems, mathematical results and topics I find beautiful, and just things I think are worth talking about. I hope you enjoy reading, and learn something new.